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New Volunteer Housing For Honduras Children.

August 23, 2013 by , under News.

Charlie and Amalia has acquired The El Porvenir Inn. The inside and outside has been totally renovated. Each room will have two volunteers with a  private bath. All beds are newly purchased  single beds with full height mattresses. Each room is furnished with fans night stands and lamps. The kitchen is a fully furnished down to the coffee pot, toaster, blender and microwave. You can eat inside the kitchen or in the outside covered eating / meeting are





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Welcome back to the team from Duke University

August 23, 2013 by , under News.



Welcome back to the team from Duke University who returned to El Porvenir for the forth year.  We are grateful for the work you are doing in our community!!  Check out the Project HEAL blog  to read about their work!


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The First Presbyterian Church of Marietta Ga.will be returning for the fourth year.

February 8, 2013 by , under News.

The First Presbyterian Church of Marietta Ga.will be returning for the fourth year. I think it’s Amalia’s cooking that keeps bringing them back. They will  work with our Kinder Sí Se Puede and community children in El Porvenir.  The purpose of the trip will be for Vacation Bible School. The group will also visit and bond with our friends at Proyecto Alcance in La Masica.  A great time will had by all!

As all ways we look forward to seeing them. We are really sorry Matt want be here this year. Thanks Matt for being here, we will  miss you.

Charlie and Amalia

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A big warm welcome to a new mission group from the Highland Baptist church

February 8, 2013 by , under News.

Amalia and I would like to thank the group from the Highland Baptist Church of Waco, Texas which was where we retired from in 2005. They  arrived on the 9 of March. The group was broken in to two groups. The first group was teaching basketball to the children along with the word of God. The name of the organization was Hoops for Hope and it is headed up by Mark Wible .

The second group was doing Vacation Bible School. This is a real plus for me because my good friends Lara and Larry Wright were here also. Larry and I use to work together at M&M Mars. Amalia and I were really excited about how well everything went. The kids are still shooting hoops asking when the group was going to return.

May God bless them  for coming and working with the children.

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Sing Me a Story!

February 8, 2013 by , under News.

Listen to this beautiful song!  The words are by one of the children in the neighbor hood and it was then put to music by an organization called ‘Sing Me a Story’.  (Scroll to the bottom of the link to play the song.)

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Kinder Graduation

February 9, 2012 by , under News.

by Ivana Mravikova, Volunteer from Slovakia, September 2011 – February 2012

The final balloon inflated, the windows covered in various types of decoration, chairs organized in rows.  Everything seems to be prepared for a Kinder graduation party – the symbol of the end of the easy life, but at the same time the beginning of something new.  After the holiday, most of the kids will sit down at desks with an eagerness to absorb new knowledge. But not today.  Today is, namely, their BIG day.

It´s  almost 9:00 o´clock.  First kids start to flow in.  Girls, wearing the same sky-blue coloured dresses that make them look marvelous; guys (little caballeros as Hondurans would say), with the matching shirts and shiny shoes.  All of them are enormously cute.  The ceremony starts a little bit later, but no wonder… welcome to Honduras!  Almost as a professional,  Oscar Funez, an upstanding member of our small community takes the initiative to give a toast.  Not a single appreciation was left out.

Subsequently, time to get the diplomas. One could imagine it would be a very dull and long winded event. But the fact that all of them had a gown and a mortar board hat on made it into an endearing event.  After all the formal issues, it was green lights to go for the fiesta.  The tables sagged under the weight of all the food that melted on our tongues.  Kids were no longer shy, hiding behind the backs of their parents.  Instead, you were able to see clumsy dance moves, wide grins, and bursts of laughter.  It all was precious.

Thanks to Charlie, Amalia, Sara the teacher, proud parents, the team of volunteers and many, many others, the kids could fully enjoy what they deserved; and rightly so.  I, one of the volunteers, was glad that I could be a part of this.

Our third  year of graduates

We are proud to announce that 21 students graduated from our Kinder in November 2012 and will be continuing on to first grade!

Children who attend the Kinder complete a full pre-school curriculum in preparation for entering the public elementary school. Volunteers work with the Kinder teacher to offer instruction in small groups.   Amalia Kirkhum, the project director for the Kinder, interviews and selects children from some of the neediest families in El Porvenir.  Most of the children come from very fragile families and typically only have one parent or caregiver living in the home.  Their homes often do not have indoor plumbing and some of the children do not even have a bed.

Breakfast is served.

  The Sí Se Puede Kinder program serves breakfast to the children who attend and also focuses on hygiene education inregard to health habits like brushing teeth and washing hands before eating.  The program is sponsored by our   “Breakfast Club” sponsors who each donate $15 USD per month to maintain this feeding program.  We are hopeful to recruit 15 Breakfast Club sponsors for 2013.  If you would like to help us feed breakfast to the Sí Se Puede Kinder children, your $15 per month would certainly help!  Please press the Donate Button to sign up as a Breakfast Club sponsor!

We send many thanks to the sponsors and volunteers who made 2012 a successful year at the Sí Se Puede Kinder!!


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Eckerd College workgroup does great work!!

April 7, 2011 by , under News.

Fourteen volunteers from Eckerd College in St. Petersburg, Florida spent their  spring break via HondurasChildren volunteering at the SOS Children’s Village (orphanage) of La Ceiba.  The group repaired the ‘caseta’ that is used by the guard and did activities with the children as well.

One of the volunteers described it as,  “a life changing week for all of us as the kids truly impacted each of our lives. Besides our time and experiences with them, we left behind this renovated guard house, so now everyone who enters la aldea will be welcomed by us.”

Our sincere thanks to the students of Eckerd College for spending their spring break making life better for children in Honduras.  We welcome college workgroups to come and help with our projects and are looking forward to welcoming back our annual groups from both Duke University and Virginia Tech.  Contact us at if you have a group that you would like to bring.

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Kinder Graduation 2010!!

December 21, 2010 by , under News.

Congratulations to all of the Kinder children who will be moving up to first grade in February!

Many thanks to our wonderful teacher  who works with the children every day and a special appreciation to Amalia and Charlie who do so much to keep the entire project operating.

And to each and every volunteer who worked at the Kinder this past year, whether you were with us for a week or a year, your support touched the lives of these children and provided educational, cultural and friendship opportunities that mean so much!    2010 Volunteers came from:  UK, Sweden, Poland, Lithuania, Israel, Canada, USA, Australia, Spain, Denmark, Hungary and more!  We understand the effort that it takes to travel to El Porvenir and we thank you for the amazing work that you do!


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Melanie’s Notes from Honduras

October 1, 2010 by , under News.

62880_567481785211_42006801_32722794_6897599_n Hi Everyone!

Please read below.

Former volunteer Melanie F. from the U.S. recently shared some thoughts on her experiences so far.  For those who have already been to Honduras, I know that you will read these and smile a knowing smile.  For those on the way, Melanie’s words are a great preview!

Thanks Melanie!!!!

Notes from Honduras:

Some notes I’ve been keeping about Honduras that you might like to know!!

62241_131934956853739_100001117075999_165139_7198203_n The Country is beautiful.  Green and luscious trees surround the towns with various types of fruit such as coconut, avocados, leechee, plantains, and bananas.  El Porvenir (where I’m staying) is surrounded by Pico Bonito which is such a gorgeous sight to see every day.  The Caribbean Sea is out my front door along with beautiful lakes and rivers. I wish I could capture the beauty through a picture, but they never turn out quite as amazing as seeing it first hand.63875_10150288520505788_582575787_15213019_5676618_n

We live in the pineapple fields where we watch workers everyday labor away. The land is owned by the company DOLE. Many of the families that live here and around this area rely on this work as there only source of income. I wish I knew the inside scoop on how much these workers are being paid  and for how many hours they work, since most living conditions are close to devastating. I don’t wish to deter anyone from buying Dole products.. just think of the workers who pick the pineapple next time to buy one and send them a grateful vibe.

Many animals roam free here. Dogs, cats, horses, cows, chickens, crabs,  roosters. …It sometimes breaks my heart to see some of  the stranded dogs on the streets but in the same instant, I become amazed to see a wild horse and dog walk down the same street freely together.

Washing machines are a privilege and dryers are non-existent.  Many rivers are used for women and children to wash their dirty clothes and every home has a line outside for drying.

I’m really starting to notice no real social status separation within the towns. A well built “nicer” home will be right next to a home that’s barely standing.

Kids run barefoot everywhere! There are no sidewalks, they  just run and play barefoot on rocky roads even in the pouring rain. Futbol ( US soccer) is extremely popular among the youth. There a few fields in our area and the kids are always playing… barefoot!

Even with all the disadvantages I see with the homes and families out here compared to our life in the US, most families seem very content and happy. Kids don’t have a sense of playing with video games or ipods, they’re happy playing around with other kids in the streets. Its actually so great to see kids that genuinely appreciate what is given to them. Families sit together every night outside their homes and everyone knows everyone. They entertain themselves by socializing in person and enjoying each others company. So impacting to see coming from a world of social networking.

I’ve taken nothing but cold showers everyday since I’ve been here, yet even if I had a choice for a warm shower, I wouldn’t want one for the desperate need of cooling off.  I’ve been so warm I only keep a sheet to sleep with and a fan at night is an absolute necessity.

The power goes off almost everyday!! It seems to phase no one who lives here since it’s such a common occurrence. We’re becoming quite accustomed as well.

Eggs are not in the refrigerated section of the grocery store. They sit out in room temperature all day… I’m still not convinced they’re okay to eat.

Around 5 a.m every morning roosters crow and continue to do so until around 5 at night. I don’t think I’ve ever felt such hatred towards an animal before.

Most people speak very little to no English yet you best believe when Ke$ha or Lady Gaga comes on the radio.. they know every word.

Our kitchen is infested with ants. Everything has to be sealed yet nothing can keep them completely out! Who knows how many times I’ve had a little extra protein in my dinner.. 59533_470403877386_615757386_7198785_6555135_n

Although I knew how privileged I am before coming out here, nothing is quite like being immersed in such a different way of living and witnessing first hand how other parts of the world live to actually make you appreciate things you never have before. Take today to be grateful for all the material things you own …clothes, beds, electronics, etc. and for the privilege of accessible drinkable water, electricity, a safe place to live, and endless amounts of food. Visit with an old friend and/or family member  in person instead of messaging them online. Lend a helping hand to someone who isn’t quite as privileged as you and you could make all the difference in the world to them and within yourself.

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¡Bomberos visitó el Kinder!

September 17, 2010 by , under News.

34981_1369065104690_1173570080_30866486_5561655_n Earlier this summer the Rosario Kinder children were fortunate to receive a visit from the new El Porvenir Bomberos.  “Bomberos” means “firefighters” – - but no worries, nothing was ablaze!35778_1369060784582_1173570080_30866479_8120405_n

The visit was to teach the children what firefighters do and how to stay safe in the event of a fire.  Thanks to Emily Z for these great pix!34253_1369061224593_1173570080_30866480_3306957_n

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